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Get started in your very own Portable Mobile Teeth Whitening or Salon Dedicated Teeth Whitening Business

Advanced Mobile Power Teeth Whitening Start up Kit with Training

Smile Easy Australia offer a turn-key professional mobile teeth whitening business system at an entry level price!

How much can you make per treatment?

Play Video about How do I start my own teeth whitening service?

The Australian Beauty Industry is a 7.2 billion dollar business!!

Teeth Whitening In-Chair Cosmetic Services in Australia are projected to grow by over 15% in the next 5-7 years!

Teeth Whitening Starter System with Free Training & Certification

Since 2019 Covid has turned the spotlight on personal oral hygiene, increasing the popularity of teeth whitening, which is the fastest growing and most lucrative sectors of the beauty industry and Australia is predicated to be one of the fastest growing markets!

Get into your very own lucrative teeth whitening business today!

Smile Easy Australia makes it really easy for you to get started in an affordable mobile or salon dedicated teeth whitening service.

Recently, I helped Kelsey start her journey building a mobile teeth whitening service.

In Kelsey’s first 3 weeks she had made enough to pay her system off twice!

Many teeth whitening technicians earn $159 to over $399 per treatment.

As you can see, at these treatment rates you can see why a teeth whitening business pays for itself in weeks!

Do I need any experience?

The simple answer is 'no'

Smile Easy will provide you with online video training and ongoing guidance with your start up system.

At Smile Easy Australia we teach how to get the very best results for each customer.


Teeth Whitening Dental Grade Salon LED Treatment Lamps with Full Training, Certificate, CE and 12 month Australian Warranty

As a small business owner, I get it!
Here at Smile Easy Australia we guide you through the teeth whitening application process and show you how you can profit from a mobile teeth whitening business and get started within days.
When you partner with us we show you how to use all your equipment and grow your teeth whitening knowledge along with online video training so you can offer your customers the very best service and expertise.



Smile Easy only use the highest quality salon compliant teeth whitening gels that don’t damage tooth enamel, veneers or dental work.

Our manufacturing partner of over 15 years experience with quality controls and testing delivers the highest grade Australian teeth whitening gels and accelerator LED lamp technology.

Our team have helped hundreds of individuals, couples and business partners implement a professional teeth whitening service and generate cashflow. Not only are our customers glad they got into teeth whitening, they have repeat customers that are happy with their results!!

Choose to partner with Smile Easy because you want your customer to have the very best experience and expertise available with a trained professional technician.

A Professional Cosmetic Teeth whitening treatment ONLY takes around an hour to complete, rather than customers having to spend 20+ hours using a DIY teeth whitening kit and eating a white diet!

Your customers will come back three or four times a year for a maintenance treatment!


Call and chat to our

trained professionals

Ph. 1300 500 825

Smile Easy Australia, Teeth Whitening Wholesale Supplier of Starter Systems with complimentary training, Consumables and LED Dental Grade Lamp Machines

Smile Easy Australia, Teeth Whitening Wholesale Supplier of Starter Systems, Teeth Whitening Online Video Training, Teeth Whitening Gels,  Consumables and CE Certified LED Dental Grade Lamp Machines.

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