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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a teeth whitening service

How much can I make per client?

Make from $149 to over $299 per customer treatment depending on your location.

Once you have your business pack the only ongoing cost is for your consumable items, which we offer as convenient treatment pack refills for each customer treatment.

Does training come with a business system?

We offer online video training and tutorials so you can learn and grow your knowledge of teeth whitening, the industry and the treatment process.

We are on-hand to answer your questions via email and phone.

How safe is a teeth whitening treatment?

A teeth whitening treatment is easy to apply, kind and gentle and we provide you the guidelines and support to increase your knowledge and expertise.

Our lamps and teeth whitening gels are compliant under Australian legislation.

Can everyone have teeth whitening?

Not everyone. As a general rule the following people should not have a teeth whitening treatment:-

  • under 16 years of age
  • pregnant or breastfeeding
  • have gum disease or need dental work
  • have a serious health issue.

Who can offer teeth whitening in Australia?

Both dental and non-dental teeth whitening is legal and available in Australia.

There is no government guideline for non-dental teeth whitening in Australia however we want you to offer your clients the best possible teeth whitening experience and results so we offer our support, knowledge, know-how guides and 

How often does a client need a teeth whitening?

We recommend every three to four months a client comes back for a maintenance treatment.

The tooth enamel re-stains over time, largely due to lifestyle factors such as coffee, tea, fruit juice, other coloured foods and smoking.

The guideline recommended by the Australian Dental Industry Association to to have up to three teeth whitening treatments a year.

Can I offer a mobile teeth whitening service?

Yes! We offer the very post of all mobile lamps in Australia, storage cases and portable lightweight chairs that fully recline so you can provide a mobile service.

What are the best gels and application to use?

We recommend the pen application because it is really easy to apply. You can get right up to the gum line with the feathered brush and between teeth.  All our gels are soft and gentle on your client.

How do I choose the best type of LED lamp?

When choosing your teeth whitening lamp ask yourself these three questions:

What’s your budget? How much do you want to invest in your first teeth whitening system?

Do you want to offer a mobile or salon service? This will determine if you need the portable Mobile Power Starter Sytem with a portable reclining chair or a larger lamp with a salon reclined chair.

Do you have a dedicated salon space for the lamp? In your premises, do you have a dedicated area to place your lamp or do you want a smaller more lightweight lamp that you can put away after treatments?

Have more questions?

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