Teeth Whitening Starter Systems

What’s included a Smile Easy Professional teeth whitening starter system?

Smile Easy Systems offer everything you need to start a professional teeth whitening service with systems designed specifically for your salon, clinic or mobile teeth whitening service.

Full Training Provided

At Smile Easy one of our six high end professional teeth whitening systems, Smile Easy’s teeth whitening gel formulas coupled with our full online video training and ongoing support will enable you and your staff to get started within 7 days.

We provide you guidance and training so that your customers achieve the best possible teeth whitening results in under 1 hour!

A Smile Easy Teeth Whitening Starter Systems offers everything needed to start your journey in the world of professional teeth whitening.

Our turn-key teeth whitening systems start from $1,195 and include your first 12 customer treatment packs which you can customised with teeth whitening gel application using pens or syringes, dental bibs, oral wipes, vitamin e swabs and cheek retractors small, medium and large.

Smile Easy make it easy for you to learn all about the teeth whitening industry and application by including video training modules that you can do at your leisure and always refer back to, you and your staff get a certificate of completion, digital accelerator LED lamp manual for your chosen lamp, digital and printed teeth whitening templates and forms i.e. consent and aftercare printed forms, professional teeth shade guide and ongoing support via phone and email.


  • your teeth whitening accelerator LED lamp of choice
  • your first 12 customer treatment packs
  • professional teeth shade guide in presentation box
  • full video training modules and certificate of completion
  • printed business collateral and digital business and social templates
  • customer consent forms customised with your logo and business name
  • and more…

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee* and 12 month warranty* on all lamps.

*Terms apply

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