Salon Mastery 60W Teeth Whitening Business System with Training Program

$3,200.00 +GST

With the most advanced 60W teeth whitening lamp we know available in Australia

*Training Included

The Salon Mastery 60W Teeth Whitening Business System comes with everything you need to offer your customers a high-end teeth whitening service. Get Impressive styling with the Salon Mastery 60W LED Lamp to delivery accelerated results for your customers, which compliments the all the consumable items needed to service 12 customers.


How much can you make with the Mastery Teeth Whitening System?

You may charge $250 to $400 per treatment in your salon with this advanced 60W teeth whitening lamp and advanced consumable kit.

Research your area to see what other salon teeth whitening technicians are charging, what LED accelerator lamp they are using and consumables. Are they just as advanced?

If you conservatively charge $250 per treatment, that’s a ROI on the treatment packs alone of: 12 x 250 = $3,000!


Provide your customers an advanced teeth whitening treatment experience in your salon with our advanced gel applicators, super soft dental cheek retactors and remineralisation and desensitisation gel to restore lost minerals to teeth while reducing any sensitivity after a teeth whitening treatment.

All Smile Easy LED Teeth Whitening Lamp technology offer pain-free teeth whitening gels to achieve your customers the very best in-chair salon experience and their brightest white teeth results in just one hour!

We offer complimentary online video training and step by step instructions for the whitening process; ongoing support from our customer care team and additional business supports and collateral.


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Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly Gels. AICIS Registered. CE Certified Lamp Technology. All pricing + GST



Salon Mastery 60W Teeth Whitening Business System with Training Program


  • Ideal for beauty salons, gyms and fitness centres and dental clinics
  • Service 5-6 clients per day
  • Services customers with heavily stained teeth
  • Digital display with auto and manual timing options
  • A/B settings for top and/or bottom teeth whitening
  • 2 x Protective Eyewear
  • Mastery lamp manual*



1 Salon Mastery teeth whitening LED accelerator lamp – similar model to the Ultima 10k

Professional teeth shade guide
Pair of protective glasses, installation tools and power cord
12 teeth whitening gel applications and consumables
Teeth whitening Training and Certificate of Completion*
Salon Intense Power LED Lamp Manual*
Information and Consent Form Template*
Social templates to get you started*
Business Software Guide*
50 Teeth Whitening FAQ Flyers
50 Aftercare Flyers
*Digital files emailed after purchase.

Consumable Items*
  • 12 Gel Pen Applicator Pens
  • 12 Bibs with Ties
  • 12 Silicon Cheek Retractors
  • 36 Oral Wipes
  • 24 Vitamin E Wands
  • 12 Remineralisation and Desensitising Gel in Syringe.



Power: 60W
Input voltage: 240v>>12v
Output voltage :60W
Blue light Wavelength range: 460-490nm
Illumination density: 300-400mW/cm2
Constant temperature: 35-40 degree centigrade
Number of LED lights: 12pcs
Led life expectancy : >50,000 hours
Lamp weight: 24kg
Lamp size: 480mm high x 1200mm wide x 900mm arm length



**Hydrogen peroxide gel ingredients. Glycerin, hydrogen peroxide (6%), water, menthol, carbopol, edetic acid disodium salt.

**Remineralisation gel ingredients. Potassium nitrate, glycerol, propylene glycol, deionized water, triethanolamine, carbomer, carboxymethyl, poly vinylpyyrolidone

Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly Gels. AICIS Registered. All pricing + GST

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Weight 26 kg

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