Professional Teeth Whitening Accessories and Gels

Smile Easy offer wholesale prices on professional teeth whitening accessories and gels.  We offer an extensive range of teeth whitening product and service.

Teeth Whitening pen and syringe gels:

  • 6% hydrogen peroxide gels in pen and syringe application
  • non-peroxide gel in pen application
  • Dentist strength teeth whitening gels on request and proof of Association registration.

Professional teeth shade guides that come in a black case with mirror inside

Cheek retractors in varying sizes – medium is most popular, large and small sizes.

Single teeth whitening Mouth Trays

Teeth Whitening Oral Wipes

Dentist bibs with Ties

Vitamin E Wands

Remineralisation Gel

Gingival Barrier Gel

Treatment Packs hygienically sealed in glossy zip-lock bags with professional labelling in glossy black, silver or gold

Treatment Pack label design service for generic or designs with your logo.

We deliver Australia and New Zealand wide.

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