Smile Easy Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Packs are hygienically sealed in glossy zip-lock bags with professional labelling.

Choose from our standard popular teeth whitening treatment kits or customise your own.

Professional in-chair teeth whitening customer treatment REFILL packs include:

  • teeth whitening gel applications
  • dental bibs with tie
  • cheek retractors
  • oral wipes
  • vitamin E wands.

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Pack colours:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Pack label design options:

Generic or with your logo (see product images)

  • Generic label designs that have no Smile Easy branding (no additional cost)
  • White label designs where you can place your logo (no additional cost)
  • Customise your own teeth whitening treatment pack label design from scratch with our Private Label Design with your customised design service (see product examples https://smileeasy.com.au/product/private-label-design/)

Smile Easy Teeth Whitening Gels

Smile Easy offer 6% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gels, non-peroxide teeth whitening gels and higher Dentist strength teeth whitening gels on request and proof of Association registration.

We deliver Australia and New Zealand wide.

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