Teeth Whitening LED Accelerator Lamps

Teeth Whitening LED Accelerator lamps

(also known as teeth whitening LED Accelerator Machines or accelerator lamp)

Teeth Whitening Machines for Advanced In-Chair Salon Teeth Whitening Treatments.

All professional Smile Easy lamps are free-standing with lockable castors for movement

We offer a range of Teeth Whitening Dental Grade LED Accelerator Lamps ranging in size:

  • lightweight lamps and portable lamps that are easy to store and transfer from one location to another when you are offering mobile teeth whitening services
  • high-end salon teeth whitening LED machiness for dedicated professional salon and spa teeth whitening services
  • professional blue cool light LED teeth whitening machines blue light strengths range from 360 – 495 Wavelength (blue light strength)
  • All lamps include auto-timer up to 30 minutes
  • Some LED Accelerator lamps offer top and bottom teeth simultaneously or one row at a time.

Made with over 16 years of expertise

Smile Easy commercial teeth whitening machines are manufactured with over 16 years of product excellence, research & development; quality control and come with CE certifications.

Mobile Lamps convert 24V to 12V with converter

Lamps are all tested for electrical compliance


All our Lamps are CE Certified and come with our Australian 12 Month Warranty.

We offer 30 day money back guarantee please read our terms and conditions

All pricing + GST + free shipping

We deliver across Australia.

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