Teeth Whitening Treatment Packs x50 discounted*

$787.00 +GST

Teeth Whitening Treatment Packs – discounted for 50

Service your clients with 50 Professional in-chair teeth whitening treatment packs and get $1 off each pack – that’s a saving of $50!!

Each treatment pack comes in beautiful GLOSSY treatment bags that are free-standing, zip locked and hygiene sealed for your convenience.

We offer generic or WHITE LABEL printing.  Choose from one of our beautiful designs and pack colours.


  • 1 gel applicator in syringe or pen (in black, white, gold or silver shell)
  • 3 oral wipes
  • 1 bib with tie
  • 1 vitamin E wand
  • 1 cheek retractor (medium most popular size)


Note: Packs are designed for one off use by one client. We recommend discarding remaining items after a triple teeth whitening treatment.



  • **Hydrogen peroxide gel ingredients. Glycerin, hydrogen peroxide (6%), water, menthol, carbopol, edetic acid disodium salt.
  • **Non peroxide ingredients. Glycerol, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Ethyl cellulose, Edetic acid, Citric acid, Sodium chlorite, Menthol.



Dentistry HP gels strength available on proof of current Dental Association registration with order delivery to a Dental Clinic.

All pricing + GST and shipping

Additional information

Weight 2.50 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 12 cm
Whitening gel application

, , , , ,

Cheek retractor size

, ,

Treatment pack colour

, ,

Treatment pack label

Generic Label Option 1: beige band design, Generic Label Option 2: black text on white background, White Label Option 1: beige band design with your logo at top, White Label Option 2: black text on white background with your logo at top, Private Label Option: your label design with your logo (additional service)

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