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New Advanced Teeth Whitening Systems and Supplies and Training

Let Us Help You Start a Rewarding Career in Teeth Whitening

Discover the Perfect Smile Service with Our Dental Grade Teeth Whitening LED Machines & Advanced Teeth Whitening System with video training!

Designed for professional treatments in beauty salons, nail and lash technicians, barbers, gyms and mobile services.

Earn and learn within days with one of our advanced Teeth Whitening Systems, ongoing supplies and complimentary step-by-step teeth whitening video training.

Play Video about Start a professional salon teeth whitening service

Smile Easy Advanced Teeth Whitening Systems and Supplies and Training

Contact our care team today to discover what sets us apart from the rest in the industry.

We'll work with you to understand your specific needs to deliver the very best system and solutions that work for your unique business.

Our comprehensive teeth whitening systems include everything you need to get started:
- Advanced dental grade teeth whitening technology
- Innovative and easy-to-use system
- Highest cosmetic strength whitening gels
- Marketing materials and ongoing support.

Start deliver customers the very best in teeth whitening results.

Contact Us Today to Start your Teeth Whitening Journey!

Teeth Whitening Starter Systems with Full Video Training, Whitening Gels and Consumables, Customer onboarding templates, ongoing support with everything you need to start a successful teeth whitening service in your area.

Salon & Mobile Starter Systems

Receive all the advanced teeth whitening equipment, supplies and gels needed to provide twelve (12) treatments to happy customers.

Salon Teeth Whitening and Mobile Teeth Whitening Professional Treatment Chairs and Tables with 12 Month Australian Warranty

Salon and Mobile Chairs

Our extensive range of luxurious, sleek and transportable range of salon and mobile teeth whitening chairs and beds.

In-Chair Treatment Whitening Refill Packs with Remineralisation Gel - outside

Advanced Treatment Packs

Customise your treatment pack and after care kits here. Get your logo on label design for no additional cost.

Smile Easy Australia Professional Teeth Whitening Accessories and Advanced Gels and Equipment

Gels & Accessories

See our extensive range of professional products for salon dedicated and mobile teeth whitening services.

Featured products

Advanced Mobile Power Teeth Whitening Start Up Kit with Training Course and Certificate Mobile Black Chair and consumables

Advanced Mobile Power 36W Starter System with Training and Chair

The strongest Mobile Power dental lamp we know is available in Australia with all equipment, consumables and business supports and collateral to offer your customers a professional teeth whitening service in the salon or on the go.

Remineralisation and Desensitising Gel Syringes for Use After a Salon Teeth Whitening

Remineralisation and Desensitizing Gels

To reduce any sensitivity, strengthens tooth enamel and restore vital lost minerals after a teeth whitening treatment.

Salon Intense Chair - 1 motor - semi reclined

Salon Manual Teeth Whitening Chair

The perfect Salon Starter Chair for Teeth Whitening and Beauty Services for salons. Great styling and durability. Comes in White, Black, Pink, Tan and Caramel.

Advanced Salon Intense 40W Teeth Whitening Start Up Kit with Training Course and Certificate and consumables.

Salon Intense 40W Starter System with Training Program

Outstanding performance in this dental grade salon lamp system. Includes all equipment, consumables and business supports and collateral to offer a dedicated Professional Salon teeth whitening in-chair service.

About Us

Smile Easy Australia is a proudly Australian-owned business that assists and advises on teeth whitening services for beauty salons, barbers, gyms, and mobile teeth whitening businesses throughout Australia.

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs as they launch their businesses, including their first-ever business venture. Additionally, we help established businesses incorporate a teeth whitening service.

Our complimentary Smile Easy video training course is included with all our business starter systems and LED Accelerator teeth whitening lamps.

We believe in providing you and your customers with top-quality products and services. 

As a partner of one of the world’s most advanced teeth whitening manufacturers, we have combined experience of over 20 years of expertise and experience in teeth whitening LED technology and whitening gel formulations and applications. 

Our combined expertise and experience speak for themselves and ensures that your customers receive the best possible results from our in-chair teeth whitening services.

Why Partner with Smile Easy?

As a teeth whitening technician you and your staff’s expertise is a combination of the quality equipment and products, skill and knowledge combined and Smile Easy Australia are here to assist you build that solid foundation for your business so you can produce ongoing success.

Sally Bayliss Smile Easy Australia

Smile Easy Australia, Teeth Whitening Wholesale Supplier of Starter Systems with complimentary training, Consumables and LED Dental Grade Lamp Machines

What customers say

You are amazing. thanku can't wait to read material at work.
Thank you ever so much once again Sally. For your help and information. So inspiring. I was pulling hair out. Not knowing what to do for my business.
Good purchase for $200. Thanks so much.
I'll send you before and after pics tonight. Thank you so much 🙂

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