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Mobile Teeth Whitening Lightweight Chair

Black Mobile Teeth Whitening Portable Chair

The best Teeth Whitening ultimate companion for mobile teeth whitening technicians and beauty services. This sleek and stylish chair is designed to provide comfort and convenience while delivering professional teeth whitening treatments on the go.

The collapsible Black Mobile Teeth Whitening Lightweight Chair is highly portable and easily transportable. You can unfolded it in a just a few seconds to achieve a fully reclined position.

This mobile chair comes fully assembled and is constructed to be both stylish and durable. It is hailed as the epitome of portable in-chair teeth whitening chairs, making it ideal for teeth whitening technicians who are frequently on the move.

The Black Mobile Teeth Whitening Chair is renowned for its impressive features and benefits, including a steel frame, foldable and fully reclining features, and is easy to lock and release to achieve a 166 degree angle tilt. The chair also boasts premium textilene fabric that is both strong and stylish, complete with elastic threading for added comfort.

The chair is designed with a removable and adjustable headrest to enhance comfort and support with additional features such as wide armrests, anti-slip feet, non-toxic powder coating, and rust-resistant qualities.

This remarkable chair can hold a 150kg capacity and can fold to 64cm x 94cm, weighing only 6.5kg.

Explore how much you can earn in mobile teeth whitening by reviewing our informational guides.

At Smile Easy, we offer a 12-month warranty on all chairs and tables, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

     Teeth Whitening black mobile chair 



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